Basic Plasma Experiments

      Trying to understand the complex behavior of confined plasmas has led researchers to formulate fundamental equations of plasma physics. This foundational work has led to important advances in many diverse fields, such as computers, lighting, waste handling, space physics, switches and relays, and lasers.
      Plasma science has also spawned new avenues of basic science, including contributions to studies of turbulence, and the profound science of chaos and nonlinear dynamics. Recent discoveries have occurred in the study of high-intensity laser interactions, new highly-efficient lighting systems, plasma-surface interactions important for computer manufacturing, and extremely cold plasmas which condense to crystalline states.
      Because plasmas are conductive and respond to electric and magnetic fields, they are used in many applications where such control is needed. They can also be efficient sources of radiation.
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The Magnetic Reconnection Experiment
Nonneutral Plasma Group
Intense Energy Beam Interaction Laboratory

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