Third Mini-workshop on Magnetic Reconnection

October 25-26, 2012

Theory Conference Room, PPPL



October 25, Thursday


Session I: Current Sheet Dynamics (Chair: F. Mozer)


9:00 H. Ji: Outstanding issues from our last meeting at Berkeley


9:30 J. Jara-Almonte: Flux Ropes and Toroidal Asymmetry in MRX


9:50 V. Roytershteyn: What sets the thickness of reconnection layer in MRX?


10:30 break


10:50 W. Daughton: Collisionless Reconnection in Alfvenic Shear Flows


11:30 All: discussion on current sheet dynamics



12:00 lunch



Session II: Particle Heating and Acceleration (Chair: M. Yamada)


1:30 T. Phan: Electron heating in reconnection: Observations


2:00 M. Shay: Electron heating in reconnection: PIC simulations


2:30 J. Yoo: Ion and electron heating and electrostatic potential structures in MRX


3:10 break


3:30 F. Mozer: A simplified discussion of reconnection and its myths


4:10 All: Discussions on particle heating and acceleration


5:00 end





October 26, Friday


Session III: Guide Field Effects (Chair: W. Daughton)


9:00 M. Yamada: Guide field dependence of reconnection rate and diffusion region structure


9:40 H. Ji: Future experimental plans on reconnection


10:00 C. Myers: Solar flux rope experiment at MRX (including a movie)


10:10 A. Bhattacharjee: Plasmoid and Oblique Flux-Rope Instabilities: Synergism between future MRX experiments and heliophysical observations


10:50 break


11:10 All: Discussion on guide field effects


11:40 All: Summary of future plans



12:30 lunch